About Us

A movement to make the world Addiction free

Established in 2020, Aorom herbotech aims to create an addiction-free ecosystem. Having its origin from the Latin word Au meaning gold, aorom stands for purity and aspires to bring such change in society.

Our Story

We at aorom herbotech devote our time, energy, and money to manufacturing herbal smokes with the aim of achieving a healthier lifestyle by replacing the old regular smokes available in the market that not only affects our health but also reduces our lifespan.

It is never too late to care for our well-being. Be it intensive, casual, occasional, or passive smoking, it is a gateway to nicotine addiction. Today it may seem “cool” to continue such practices, but 10 years down the line, your bank account might not agree with you. The rising health costs and ailments will not only be a financial burden but also affect physical and mental health. Say goodbye to seeking release from smoking to relieve stress from external circumstances and peer pressure and prioritize your health.

Our goal is to provide a healthier alternative which has been developed after intensive research on smoking patterns and the behaviors of chain-smokers. Our research reflected that nicotine isn’t the only factor making people reluctant to quit smoking, but the communal and aesthetic aspect linked to the action in terms of the sensational experience drives people with sobriety to seek it out again. Our focus is to ensure people seeking rehab and working towards sobriety don’t fall back into the trap of their social status among peers.

Bringing back the age-old traditional Indian medicine, our herbal Smokes incorporate the use of traditional herbs and spices that once were and are still used in many medicinal procedures.
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